How to Prepare and Plan Your Move

Veronica Bell | August 21, 2018 | 0 | Home & Gardens

Failing to plan well on your next move can be quite costly and also disastrous for you on the material day. This is particularly important if you have lots of items to move. You have to plan properly and with military precision in advance before you even hire the Sydney removals company.

When planning your next move, you have to decide on how much of the moving work you have to do yourself and how much of the work you will leave to the Sydney removals company. This is all up to you. If there are certain valuable and important moving tasks that you feel you will best handle, then go ahead and take care of these.

There are certain instances where your move is work-related and your employer will be footing the bill. In this case, you can still get marginally involved. You could sit back and supervise as the moving company does all the work of packing up your items and shipping them to their new destination. If you will be financing the move out of pocket, then you have to think seriously about the cost and one of the best ways that you will save money is by handling some of the work yourself such as the packing and unpacking of your valuables.

You need to book the services of the Sydney removals companies early on once you have decided on the best date to make the move. Get estimates early and see the different levels of services that they will charge you for.


This is one of the best decisions that you can make when you are planning to move. There are lots of items that you obviously don’t use and don’t need. Cut them down and move with only those things that you need the most.

Collect moving supplies

If you will be handling some of the moving work such as packing your items, then you need to start acquiring supplies early such as moving boxes, packing tape, labels, packing papers etc. have boxes which are sturdy and also easily stackable. You can buy boxes from supplies stores or get them from your offices.

Pick the high-priority items

It is always best to pack your items yourself since it is you who knows best what your most prized possessions are. You can identify some of your high-priority items such as photos, passports, important work documents and pack them securely.  You can also transport these yourself in your own car.

Then there are the things that you need for everyday use such as dishes, car keys, toiletries etc. Although these are not highly valuable, you need them within easy reach. You should, therefore, pack themselves and put them in a place where they are easily accessible.

Changes services and utilities

If you are moving, you have to notify many of the utilities and service providers of a change of address and notify them of your new address. Otherwise you may end up paying for services that you currently do not receive.

That is a brief overview of some of the planning steps that you can undertake when making the move. For success, always remember to hire trusted and professional Sydney removals company to handle most of the moving details with expertise.

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