Family Rights Lawyer Can Bust Popular Myths Surrounding Family Law in Australia

Veronica Bell | August 7, 2018 | 0 | Law

You’re likely to base your family law concerns on what other people say without the knowledge and expertise of a family rights lawyer. The problem in this scenario is that some of what you might hear could be myths.

This could lead you to bigger problems that would have been completely avoided if you only you referred directly to family lawyers. Because the reality is no one knows family law better than the lawyers specialising in it. No need to trouble yourself with the complex Australian family law when someone else can do it on your behalf.

Don’t put your family or your child’s rights at risk. Consult directly with family and child custody lawyers Brisbane has when the need arises.

Popular Family Law Myths

  • All family disputes end up in Court

The thought of the cost and lengthy process of litigation is enough to make anyone think twice about seeing a lawyer.

Physical abuse may even look more appealing than the court battle that might ensue following assertion of your rights on family law domestic violence.

What you may not know is that relationship or marriage breakdown that goes to court is only 5% based on statistics. Many cases settle outside of the court, especially for the sake of the children. Some just separate and do nothing about the property.

Besides, it is now mandatory to reach an agreement through mediation before people go to court or a case progresses to a final hearing.

To protect your rights and that of your children, if there are any, it is recommended to speak to a family rights lawyer.

  • Children always go to the mother

There’s no legal presumption that mothers should be favoured in parenting cases. Most of the time, it is agreed between parents or that the arrangements that were in place before the separation will be continued afterward for a number of sociological reasons.

So if you are father fighting for child custody, speak to one of the best child custody lawyers Brisbane has to assert your rights and increase your chances of gaining custody.

  • Property is always divided 50/50

The Family Law Act sets out a number of factors that provide the basis for a discretionary decision when it comes to property matters. There is no mathematical formula for property division between parties. So to say that it is always divided equally is incorrect.

Section 75(2) of the Family Law Act examines the economic reality and the future needs of both parties. The party with a greater need as a consequence of the relationship or marriage will receive an extra share of a property.

In many cases, this will be the person who sacrificed their career and remained out of the workforce to care for children. Following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage, the person will have difficulty restoring their earning capacity.

Consult with BTLawyers

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