Court Etiquette That Could Make or Break Your Case

Veronica Bell | August 13, 2018 | 0 | Law

If you are alleged to have committed a crime, the first thing you should prioritize doing is getting a good criminal lawyer. Most crime victims don’t know that despite hiring a competent criminal lawyer, they could still make things worse for their case during the court session by the way they behave. Although your lawyer would be talking most of the time on your behalf, the judge could on certain instances require direct clarification from you. For this reason, criminal lawyers Sunshine Coast firms provide are crucial in guiding their clients on how to conduct themselves in a courtroom. Failure to observe court etiquette can ruin your case badly if even if you were almost winning. Some of the court etiquette your criminal lawyer would help you uphold includes:

What you should wear

The fact that you have a lawyer to respond to most of your case questions doesn’t mean you should go to court dressed anyhow. Most courts have dressing etiquette they expect everyone appearing there to observe. It’s the responsibility of your criminal lawyers in Sunshine Coast to advise you not to attend a court session wearing earphones, sunglasses or a hat. If what you wear seems to contain inappropriate language or be offensive in any way, you may feel its effect later.

Court arrival time

Arriving at the courtroom on time is mandatory whether you are representing yourself or a criminal lawyer is representing you. Most criminal lawyers Sunshine Coast has today advise their clients to arrive at court 15 minutes before the session begins. If the court requires a direct response from you to clarify on a particular allegation, you should arrive at the court earlier so that the criminal lawyer can have ample time to advise you on what to say.

Wait for the prosecutor to call your name

What you do when waiting to be called matters a lot and it may influence your case in a great way. Now that you may have to wait for an hour before your name is called out, it doesn’t mean you can do anything time-buying in a courtroom. Just as most Sunshine Coast criminal lawyers recommend, you should not use your phone or Ipad, listen to music, and read a newspaper or book during the waiting period. Such small things may annoy the judge and probably affect the outcome of your case.

How you address the court

It’s good that your criminal lawyer will do more of talking as you sit. However, a time may come when the judge requires you to address the court or make a certain clarification. Your lawyer ought to have prepared you on the appropriate titles you should use and when you should use them. Any inappropriate address may be an embarrassment to you and your lawyer. For this reason, many criminal lawyers Sunshine Coast has today are careful to ensure their clients understand the applicable titles to use.

You now see how certain behaviors in a courtroom can ruin a case whose outcome was meant to be positive. Observing court etiquette is important to everyone who wants to be at peace with the jury. People who prefer presenting their case themselves have little knowledge about court etiquette they should observe. If you have a criminal case to answer, ensure you find criminal lawyers Sunshine Coast has today before you mess up with the court etiquette. To further assist you, you can visit

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